A feast for your eyes and imagination!

Like so many others, I’ve long enjoyed Great tits (Parus major), but lacked a place to SEE them, LEARN about them – and just generally ENJOY them. ¬†Look no further; the goal of this site is to reveal beautiful images, stirring videos, and titillating facts about these wonderful birds (and others) so that you may enjoy them in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

I hope to one day, perhaps this spring, to travel to Britain and see Great tits in the the wild (though they are so adaptable they thrive in cities too)– and report back this website about any sitings and post as many images as I can! Further, I’d like to begin the Great Tits Initiative, an effort to bring a pair back to the US so many more Americans can enjoy them.

If I’m birding in Britain, you may rest assured that I would NOT be satisfied with just seeing a few tits or the occasional Wagtail — I’d be sure to head to the shore and score a European Shag. I’ll post pictures!

Over time, I hope to travel sufficiently so that I might create pages devoted to other delightful birds such as the Agile Tit Tyrant, various Woodpeckers, Shaft Tails, Suckers (such as the Goatsucker), the Erect-crested Penguin, and my old favorite – the Welcome Swallow. Really the possibilities for this birding site are endless!

I hope you are as excited as I am! Leave me a little feed back and lets have fun!